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Give your child the tools, resources, and confidence they need to excel in PEP and pass for their top choice school!

We Offer

Full-time Online Day School

For PEP students who need more than what traditional schools can provide in order to achieve PEP success.

Evening Extra Lessons

For PEP students who want to take advantage of our fun and results-driven PEP prep programmes while maintaining traditional day school enrollment.

What You Can Expect

Daily Live

Daily Live Interactive Classes

Our classes are taught by our expert PEP teachers who are here to provide students with the guidance and support they need to succeed.

Our teaching methods, bonus resources, and technology-powered classrooms are designed to increase every child's competence and confidence.

Full Coverage of PEP Subjects

Our programme is aligned with the Ministry of Education's curriculum, and covers all PEP subject areas.

  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Social Studies
  • Language Arts
  • Mental Ability & Performance Task
PEP Subjects

Even More of What We Offer...

Live Homework Centre

Does your child need additional help with problem topics? No problem!

Our homework centre allows students to attend weekly live bonus sessions with our expert PEP teachers. Here, they get extra time to go over problem areas and get their questions answered.

Report Card

Stay up to date with your child's progress daily!

Our live report card allows you to track your child's progress every step of the way and address problem areas in our live homework center when necessary.

Learning Lab

When classes aren't in session, students have the opportunity to read ahead, sharpen their skills, or get extra practice with problem topics using the resources availabe in our Learning Lab.

Learning Lab

Students will get unlimited access to:

Subject Based Quiz

Subject-based Quizzes

Timed Test

Timed Practice Tests

23,000 Questions

23,000+ Practice Questions

Video Tutorials

Video Tutorials, Practice Problems and Solutions

PEP Library

PEP Library

Points & Prizes

Students get to earn points, win amazing prizes, and compete against other PEP students across the island for a top spot on our leaderboard by completing practice questions, quizzes and tests in our Learning Lab.

Points and Prizes

Our special sauce

Fun and Engaging Lessons

Fun and engaging lessons

Results-driven Teaching

Results driven teaching

No Child Left Behind

No child left behind model

What makes EduFocal Different?

Live Homework Center

When Students need additional help, our teachers are available live after classes through our homework center.

Ask questions, get additional 1:1 help with problem topics or just check in on your chilld's progress, our homework centre is here to provide each and every child with additional support when they need it.

Live Homework Centre
Recorded Lessons

Recorded Lessons

All classes are recorded and available for viewing after classes end. Students are able to rewatch lessons and follow along at their own pace.

Live Clubhouse

Students get access to live interactive activities, classes, and workshops that will allow them to explore their passions and learn valuable life skills outside of the PEP curriculum.

Live Clubhouse

The possibilities are endless!

Do fun art projects

Learn a foreign language

Take a drama class

+ more

Instant Messenger

Instant Messenger

Students get to communicate (live) with classmates and PEP students across the island using our instant messenger.

Over 100,000 parents have trusted EduFocal to help their children prepare for their PEP Exams.

Your child can be our next success story!